About us

The North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop alien

meets every 2nd Saturday of the month at 6pm at the

Barnes & Noble Bookstore

861 NE Mall Blvd
Hurst, TX 76053

All writers in the Speculative Fiction genre are welcome to attend and there is no charge. We focus on speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, etc.) to publish.

Check out our 5 o’clock mini-classes and discussions prior to our monthly meetings.

New potential members are asked to attend one meeting before joining our NTSFW Yahoogroup where we upload our submissions for critique prior to each meeting.  After attending one live meeting, click here and let me know who you are:

Click to join NTSFW

Click to join NTSFW


Upon joining the NTSFW Yahoo! Group, you will be sent files pertaining to our guidelines and information. Here are a few of our guidelines:

  • MEETINGS: Live meetings are held every 2nd Saturday. Our normal venue is at the Hurst Barnes & Noble at 6pm. However, sometimes we must change the date. Keep up to date by checking our main page and the Yahoo! Group if you are a member. Please note that we do not meet at the bookstore in December. Another venue will be announced.
  • DUES: There are no dues, however, we do welcome contributions to cover things like domain name, webspace, etc.
  • WHEN TO SUBMIT: We ask that submissions to be critiqued be uploaded to the Yahoo! Group file section at least one week prior to the monthly meeting. Submissions longer than 8,000 words should be uploaded at least 2 weeks prior.
  • SUBMISSION WORD COUNT: 8K words max per submission.Try to limit the size of your submission to what a person can read and critique in one sitting. For example, I like to read and critique an average of 20-30 pages per submission, but no more. Remember, your submission isn’t the only manuscript the members must read and critique. (This may change if we have many submissions for one meeting. We try to be flexible so everyone who submits on time gets critique time, however, please understand there are limits to how much time we have at the group.)
  • LONG SUBMISSIONS, NOVELS: For longer submissions and novels, there is a separate folder on the Yahoo! Group for these. Members may or may not have time to read and critique these, and we may have separate discussions on these. For novels, we strongly encourage forming a sub-group of members to follow your novel from beginning to end in addition to the monthly critique group.
  • PREPARE MANUSCRIPT: Please have your submission as polished as possible and formatted as if you were submitting it to an agent or editor. When you join the Yahoo! Group, you will be sent files explaining more about this with examples. For our submissions, we use the William Shunn formatting guidelines for novels and short stories.
  • CRITIQUE PRIVILEGES: Each member who wishes to be critiqued must critique at least 3 other members’ submissions at the meeting. Not reading any or less than 3 members’ submissions is fine, but do not expect your own work to be critiqued that night.
For more information, contact Alley or Shawn at
NTSFW.Workshop @ gmail.com or
alleypat  @  gmail.com
Keep writing! :)
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