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Special Guests Sat July 12 5pm

This Saturday’s special guest speaker is a real treat!


We have 3, count them THREE! special guest speakers (start times are approximate).

Shalanna Collins writing as Denise Weeks, Jamie Schultz, & Becky Burkheart

APRIL, MAYBE JUNE by Denise Weeks

At 5pm
, Dallas author Shalanna Collins, who writes as Denise Weeks, will be talking about her latest book, APRIL, MAYBE JUNE, released this year from Muse Harbor Publishing. She will also talk about her previous books and be autographing. PREMONITIONS by Jamie Schultz


     At 5:15pm, DFW author and NTSFW member Jamie Schultz will be talking about his debut book, PREMONITIONS, released this month from ROC/Penguin. He will be talking about his book, publishing traditionally, and autographing.



  At 5:30pm, Cleburne author and NTSFW member Becky Burkheart will discuss critiquing and workshopping, and talk about her quarterly writers’ workshops in Cleburne, TX. Her next workshop topic in Cleburne will be on indie publishing.

BLOODCUP by Becky Burkheart

At 6:30pm, we’ll have our regular writer’s workshop.


These events and our workshops are all FREE and open to the public. Our workshop is a group of speculative fiction writers who write to publish.


Questions? email me at alleypat //at//


See you Saturday!





March Meeting

The regular monthly NTSFW meeting is this Saturday, March 8 @ 6pm at the Hurst Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We are usually seated in the back behind the cafe.

At 5pm, we have our monthly mini-class. Tricia is presenting a topic on writing.

Our meetings are free and open to the public. We focus on writing speculative fiction to publish in today’s marketplace.


Gerald wins first place!

NTSFW member Gerald Warfiled’s very first prose poem “Parade Through Woodland Park” won third prize in the current OdysseyCon contest. Congratulations, Gerald!

Gerald says:

I'll be reading it at the con. It was heartening news. Lately, I've been striking out completely with my poetry. Woodland Park is one of the local cemeteries in Mineral Wells. The two main characters are ghosts (uncle and nephew). My favorite lines are when the nephew inquires of his uncle why everyone in the cemetery looks so bored, and he replies: "Dear nephew, what remains to engage the brain, to snare the mind in this desolate place? Shall we gasp in amazement at the passing clouds or swoon at the neglect of the cemetery grounds?"

Find Gerald on Facebook at:
Gerald’s website is:



Congrats Kendall!

NTSFW member Kendall won first place and is published in the ConDFW short story contest and program.

Congrats Kendall!

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